…our mission is to find volunteers to prove that the pH based treatment works on any type of cancer, and make the results public. This way, there should be no obstacles left to getting the treatment officially accepted.


Update: July / 4 / 2017


Our main purpose was* to rent a place where we can publicly document the progress of the bicarbonate cure and share the results on a daily basis, allowing us to gain publicity and trust worldwide, in order to fulfill our next step: to integrate the bicarbonate treatment into official medicine, with the help of our backers.

*was, because no organization has backed us, as the bicarbonate cure was never fully documented and was proven to work only in mice; they would have helped us if we had proof, yet we only need the funds to prove it – and we don’t aim to create reports in hidden facilities, but show the entire process to the public! It’s only normal, with the advancements in technology, the evolution of social media, to force the medical industry to be more honest, forthcoming, to display and explain their research.

Our only choice left is to find volunteers for the baking soda cure on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter), to ask them to share their initial tests and results (pre-treatment) and at least a monthly update on cancer cell count, their wellbeing, thoughts on our treatment etc. We will publish every testimonial on our website and we will contact the press with these results. In everything we do we offer complete transparency!

The structure of our mission was the following:

*Have certified and established doctors do pre-treatment tests, then on a weekly basis, during treatment, to test cancer cell count/tumor size, etc.

*All the results to be shared and made public through a live-stream hosted on our website, where doctors present the test results, viewers get a walkthrough of the treatment etc.

*We will create a webpage for every cancer patient, where the public can follow their progress, tests done and the results, and also interact with the patient. Each and every one of them will be video-documented, with interviews from the patients and doctors.

*Use these videos as proof that cancer can be cured without official treatments, costs and without their horrible side-effects, so everyone can see that the always controversial alternative medicine has its place. Once the followers of our stream have seen what our treatments can do, to spread the word and join our cause to make these videos of proof become viral and help cure as many cancer patients as we can reach in the near future.

*Get in touch with people who can help us achieve our final goals – to make this cancer treatment official and stop people from dying from a treatable disease in the future.


Note: We can still make it happen, if we can get the funds needed for the event.

We will stop at nothing.

Remedy Challengers is a group of individuals, established with the sole purpose of ending the fight with cancer globally and permanently!

As we started by contacting every organization to create collaborations which will support our cause, we aim to grow our community with like-minded people that are ready to join us in the official fight: test our working cure yourself or share it with someone you know, write or video document a testimonial (as it will encourage others) and follow us. We will need you for the final big fight!

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Permanent Cancer Cure

pexels-photo1“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.” – Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner). Read More

Note: We are a group, not a company! We are not selling any products! We will never ask for your money unless you are willing to donate to support our cause! Everything we offer is free, and it will remain free, permanently.