Due to the incredible amounts of revenue made in the Pharmaceutical Industry, cancer is not allowed to be treated, because it is simply not profitable. Pouring money into research is.

That is where we, the Remedy Challengers, come in. We partnered up with some brilliant minds in the medical field and we conducted, together, series of research and trials to come up with natural working cures for this disease.

Sadly, in the era we live in, these practices are seen as ludicrous, since we’ve been “taught” that alternative medicine is nothing more than fiction.

So to avoid the slandering of the implicated doctors and physicians, we will never name them. This is the least we can do to thank them for their incredible effort to get the truth out.

Our mission is to defeat cancer permanently.

For this to happen, we first need to verify which organizations stay true to their stated mission to fight cancer, and which ones have, in actuality, a completely opposite, hidden mission.

We set out a list of goals to accomplish, which you can find on our donation page

We welcome any support and suggestion, because nothing will stop us from fulfilling our mission.


We fight for a brighter tomorrow,

Remedy Challengers