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*List of donors and funds raised can be found here

To fulfill our mission to end cancer permanently, we outlined a set of goals we must accomplish.

Since sharing the cure for cancer had a less than meaningful impact, because people are wary of trusting unofficial sources, we decided to prepare for a global movement:

  • We contact every major cancer organization, with the purpose of collaborating and combining our resources to prove the treatment’s efficiency and reliability
  • We find cancer patients willing to participate in our video documentation of their entire progress once starting our treatment
  • With the unaltered results, we get the treatment officially accepted in oncology clinics
  • We will publicly disclose the responses from every organization we have contacted, on our website – considering that an organization established with the purpose of fighting cancer should do everything possible to support our cause, since we have the possibility to permanently end this fight
  • We contact and continuously update every news outlet during the entire movement, for transparency purposes
  • We give credit to the organizations who stood true to the cause and offered us their support

We will never ask for your money, unless you are willing to donate. Your part truly makes an impact, and only a few moments of your time will help ensure a soon cancer-free world!