All the testimonials from our ongoing project will be published here.

If you want to partake in our trials, we ask you to share the following:

  • your first name, age and location
  • the type and stage of your cancer
  • when you were first diagnosed
  • your official test results (private details can be censored)
*preferably all documents attached should be scanned and not photographed (for maximum quality and clarity)
  • optional, but highly preferred: send us a video of your journey (tell us about the stages you went through since beginning the treatment) – you can video record yourself for 2 minutes each month in your recovery period – let the world see what you went through, and how it changed with this treatment

Note: We do not sell any products and aim to raise money from sharing this treatment. The entire purpose is to document and share the most intimate moments of a cancer patient’s struggle, in order to encourage others to go through with it and not lose hope.


Since our movement just started, we have no testimonials from this project yet.

Before we created our online group, we have shared the cancer treatment with patients from a local oncology clinic.

The 8 patients that we managed to cure were suffering from:

  • Stomach cancer – stage 2 and 4
  • Colon cancer – stage 3
  • Breast cancer – stage 1 and 2
  • Liver cancer – stage 2
  • Kidney cancer – stage 2 and 3


Some experts say that not every cancer type can be cured with the same treatment.

We are here to document which can.